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2ab: Baked goods and quality concept

Sensitive eaters who have been avoiding wheat products with a heavy heart can now enjoy delicious bread and other baked goods once more, thanks to 2ab Wheat, the easy-on-the-tummy ancient wheat.

Bakery items made with 2ab Wheat have an attractive, bright yellow coloured crumb and a wonderfully aromatic and mild, sweetish taste profile. Once you’ve tried 2ab Wheat baked goods, you will love them and look for them again. And you can enjoy them without any unpleasant after-effects because 2ab Wheat stands for carefree indulgence.

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2ab Wheat baked goods

Baked goods made from 2ab Flour can only be as good as the sum of their raw materials and the way they are processed. And in processing, we make sure that 2ab Products are different too.

With spelt-based baked goods, it is not unusual for highly concentrated gluten (from bread wheat) to be added to spelt flour to improve baking performance. This type of bread doesn’t have much in common with 100 % authenticity, but it’s perfectly allowable according to current practice. To ensure that this doesn’t happen with 2ab Products and to guarantee that there is only 2ab Wheat inside, we have developed a quality control system that dictates how 2ab Wheat should be used – from how it’s cultivated to how it’s included in baking recipes and, in particular, which raw materials may NOT be used alongside it (find it below). Only in this way can we guarantee that consumers won’t be disappointed by 2ab Wheat baked goods but can enjoy them without fear of discomfort.

The 2ab Quality concept

The 2ab Quality system makes sure that 2ab Wheat baked goods are as suitable as possible for sensitive eaters, and it prohibits the addition of raw materials that are high in FODMAPs. The 2ab Quality promise states that recipes and foods with 2ab Wheat can only contain raw materials that are approved by us.

The addition of the following ingredients is prohibited or only permitted in low concentrations:


  • No bread wheat
  • No spelt (contains D-gluten and is very high in FODMAPs)
  • No durum wheat (high in FODMAPs)
  • No einkorn (doesn’t contain D-gluten but is very high in FODMAPs)
  • No rye (this has the highest FODMAP content of all grains)
  • No grist or flakes of grain (FODMAP breaks down worse)

Gluten/Baking agents

  • No gluten
  • No modern baking agents (these contain D-gluten and are often FODMAP-rich)

Other ingredients:  

  • In general, no addition of isolated FODMAPs (e.g. inulin)
  • No fruit, such as apple fibre (contains fructose, a FODMAP)
  • No legumes (e.g. soy or pea grits) because these are high in FODMAPs
  • No dairy products (these contain lactose, a FODMAP)
  • No fructose and no sweetening agents/sugar substitutes (FODMAPs)
  • Only low amounts of seed oils (sunflower and pumpkin kernels contain FODMAPs that do not break down, even after long fermentation method)


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