All about 2ab Wheat

Not all wheat is the same! When it comes to bakery items like bread and cakes, sensitive eaters should look for products that only contain ancient gluten and have a low FODMAP content. Find out why 2ab Wheat could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Many consumers have already discovered that they can tolerate authentic wheat that does not contain D-gluten better than modern wheat and spelt grains, which do contain this component. This spurred us on to seek out an ancient wheat with the most suitable properties for our modern lifestyles: the result is 2ab Wheat. It contains only the original wheat genes A and B, is free from D-gluten and is lower in FODMAPs than modern bread wheat or spelt. Look at what our test team thinks about 2ab Wheat:

Genuineness (and authenticity) is in the genes.

The great-great-grandfather of wheat was einkorn, a grain that developed naturally some 10 million years ago. Genetically, its structure was very simple and comprised just one double set of A genomes. Some 3 million years ago, einkorn crossed with a wild grass, and a type of wheat called emmer was born. The genetic information of this grain has been preserved in the wheat genomes A and B. As 2ab Wheat only contains the ancient genomes A and B, it can be classed as authentic ancient wheat. This is in complete contrast to more modern varieties of wheat that contain the D genome, such as regular bread wheat and spelt.


2ab Wheat is cultivated in special 2ab Wheat fields, separated from other fields, in a traditional way. It is harvested separately and then stored and milled into flour in proprietary 2ab Mills. Before the flour is delivered to the baker, it is fermented in a natural way – we do this to reduce the level of FODMAPs in the flour and to achieve a distinctive, outstanding taste. The refined 2ab Flour is then delivered to bakers who appreciate quality and craftmanship. Our guiding principles make sure that bakers don’t add D-gluten to their 2ab Recipes. Thus, 2ab Wheat follows our strict quality philosophy, from cultivation and milling to preparation into outstanding baked goods. Only when 2ab Wheat is on the label will 2ab Wheat be inside.

Spelt is no solution

Sometimes baked goods made from spelt are labelled as being “free from wheat”, and spelt is often suggested as a solution when wheat causes digestive problems. But this can’t possibly be true.

Spelt is not an authentic ancient grain. It is a subspecies of wheat and due to crossing with different kind of grasses it contains the and hence troublesome D-gluten. Another problem with spelt is that the taste and appearance of baked goods based on spelt are often relatively dry and grey.